I wasn’t supposed to make it into this run-off for Governor.

I wasn’t supposed to beat a former LA Mayor, or the State Treasurer.

I’m not part of the political class, wasn’t born rich, no family with political connections.

I was raised by a single mom, a public-school teacher on the South Side of Chicago.

With a little luck and hard work, I’ve built a successful business.

My name is John Cox.

Entitled politicians and the Sacramento special interests who fund them — they’ve rigged the game, trading favors and enriching themselves, while millions of forgotten Californians have been left behind.
Millions commute to cities they love, but can’t afford to live in, because the rent is too high, and homes are too expensive.

So, they commute on roads that are a mess.

Our gas taxes make our prices among the highest in the country.

Car registration fees are going up.

Our schools are failing our children.

And we have the highest poverty rate in the country.

Where Sacramento politicians ration water in our homes, while emptying our abundant water supply into the ocean.

Where people have to choose between buying gas to get to work, or groceries to feed the family.

That’s a choice none of us should have to make.

The good news is – help is on the way…

  • we can stop the water rationing
  • repeal the gas tax
  • finally fix our schools
  • we can make houses and rents affordable

But we must have the courage to admit that those who have led California for so long are not leading it well.

Gavin Newsom stands with the lobbyists, the powerful, the corrupt insiders.

I stand with the Californians he’s forgotten.

I’m John Cox and I want to be your governor.


3525 Del Mar Heights Road, #1077
San Diego CA 92130

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