Newsom launches first attack ad — one that could help a Republican rival in the California governor’s race

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic front-runner in the 2018 governor’s race, is releasing a new campaign ad attacking Republican rival John Cox for being pro-gun and pro-President Trump. “Why is John

Rancho Santa Fe’s John Cox got a boost from a powerful fellow California Republican Thursday in his campaign to be the Golden State’s next governor. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who represents the

San Diego Republican John Cox On Why He Should Be California’s Next Governor

A Republican has not won statewide office in California in more than 10 years. Gubernatorial candidate John Cox of Rancho Santa Fe wants to change that. Democrat Gavin Newsom is

John Cox begins California barnstorm with the delivery of gas tax repeal signatures

GOP gubernatorial candidate John Cox strolled up to the stack of 12 boxes in front of the Los Angeles County registrar-recorder’s offices in Norwalk on Monday and placed his hands

Howard Jarvis PAC Endorses Rancho Santa Fe’s John Cox for Governor

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association‘s political action committee announced Monday it has endorsed Rancho Santa Fe Republican John Cox in his campaign for governor of California. Cox, a successful Illinois businessman and California

Novato investor linked to GOP donation flap

Ken Casey, a Novato businessman who serves on Marin County’s Human Rights Commission, has found himself swept up in a controversy over a Republican gubernatorial candidate’s questionable use of money

Now that the “two party” system has been negated in California, voters beware. You will only have a choice between two of the spend and take care of Southern California

Republican John Cox Could Succeed in California Governor Primary

San Diego businessman John Cox, the top Republican in the Democrat-heavy field of California gubernatorial candidates, is within striking distance of second place and could proceed to the general election. Cox

John Cox: Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

I’m running for governor against five politicians who are continuing to do the same things over and over again and expecting different results,” Cox said. There are only two remaining Republican

California Today: How Does a Republican Win an Election Here?

John Cox is a businessman and a Republican with a shot, after the June primary, of being one of the two candidates on the November ballot for governor. California Today

Republican Governor Hopeful John Cox Promises to Slash California’s Income Tax

John Cox wants to slash the California income tax—abolish it, if possible. Maybe you disagree, but he thinks he can convince you. “I don’t know why Texas and Florida have no

Why are California Republicans feuding over their own anti-gas tax campaign?

Leaders of the effort to repeal California’s new gas tax increase are blasting Republican governor candidate Travis Allen for using money raised to repeal the tax to broadcast ads featuring

After several weeks of watching and listening to different sources of information, I have come to the conclusion that John Cox, Republican candidate for California governor, has a very good

John Cox speaks about the Gubernatorial race and California on The Daily Ledger To watch this video, click here.

Sebastian Gorka tells conservatives meeting in Riverside: ‘We can take California back’

Donald Trump’s 2016 victory is proof that even a deep-blue state like California can be won by Republicans, former Trump White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told a gathering of conservatives

GOP candidate talks his push to become California’s governor

Newt Gingrich says a Republican could become California’s governor; candidate John Cox opens up about his platform on ‘Fox & Friends.’ To watch this video, click here.

Newt Gingrich: California may elect a Republican governor — Incredible as that sounds

John Cox is doing something remarkable for a Republican. A recent survey indicates he is now within striking distance of being elected governor of the infamously liberal state in November.

Republican gubernatorial candidate urges Valley cities to reject sanctuary policies

John Cox, Republican candidate for California governor, appeared in Fresno on Tuesday to encourage San Joaquin Valley communities to join other cities around the state in rejecting its sanctuary policies.

Businessman John Cox, one of two major Republicans running in the gubernatorial election to replace Gov. Jerry Brown, ripped the two-time governor for his lax immigration policies. Brown, who has

California gubernatorial candidate John Cox speaks out about California’s immigration laws on ‘Hannity.’ To watch video click here.