In case you missed it: Nicholas Francois – “I’m a Millenial and a Republican, and I believe we can win…here’s why

May 3, 2017


In case you missed it…

The John Cox for Governor campaign continues gaining statewide momentum and receiving endorsements and support. I want to bring your attention to a unique article published today in support of John and titled, “I’m a Millennial and a Republican, and I believe we can win – here’s why

The piece is authored by James Francois, chairman of the UC Davis College Republicans and in it he notes, “This is one reason why San Diego businessman John Cox sits well-positioned in the current slate of gubernatorial candidates, and is attractive to a wide-base of Republicans. He recently earned the endorsement of a conservative statewide grassroots organization, but is also gathering support from moderates, and even Democrats and Independents craving change. He is making ending political corruption the singular issue in the campaign so that reform can happen. Our future doesn’t simply hold Republican or Democrat problems, and that’s why a candidate like him appeals to those of us seeking visionary leadership and change.

“I am a big believer and optimist when it comes to what is possible in California – it’s how my generation thinks and it’s one of our greatest assets.

“Not only have we seen Republican Governors elected by majority Democrat and independent voters in progressive states across the country, but we know that there is a palpable undercurrent of angst amongst California voters. What the Democrats are offering just doesn’t cut it, and that’s a stark contrast to the visionary and unique leadership offered by Republican businessman John Cox.”

Read the full article at Fox and Hounds Daily HERE. 

For more information on John Cox and the campaign for Governor please go to www.JohnCoxforGovernor.com

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