Elected Officials

Deirdre Bennett, Mayor, Colton (former)
Greg Gandrud, Council Member, Carpinteria (former)
Stephanie McKenzie, Council Member, Marysville
Cecilia Mendez, Stockton Unified School District Board Member
Steve Mensinge, Mayor, Costa Mesa (former)
Shellie Milne, Council Member, Hemet (former)
Michelle Pavey, Vice President, High Valley Water District
Jim Price, Mayor, Atwater
Brian Raymond, Council Member, Atwater
Daron McDaniel, Chairman, Merced County Board of Supervisors

Community Leaders

Bishop Dr. Ron Allen, President, International Faith Based Coalition
Jack Breuker, College Republicans Northern Region Vice Chair; Chico State College Republicans Chair
Suzanne M. Ching, Vice President, Delta Central Republican Women Federated
Trent Carlson, Santa Clara University College Republicans Chair (former)
Althea Clark, Secretary, Fresno Evening Republican Women Federated
Nicholas S. Francois, College Republicans Capital Region Vice Chair; UC Davis College Republicans Chair
Katy Grimes, President, Sacramento Taxpayers Association
Fran Grizas, First Vice Chair, Lake San Marcos Republican Women Federated
Jason Hopkins; San Benito County Republican Central Committee, Secretary
Bikrum Singh Jolly, American River College Republicans Chair Ed Rowen, President, Placer County Republican Assembly
Emil Monda, President, Laguna Beach Republicans
Michele Monda, Secretary, Laguna Beach Republicans
Ken Payne, Founder, Sacramento Tea Party
Emanuel Petrisor, Board Member, Sacramento Public Health Advisory Committee
Ourania Riddle, President, Solano Taxpayers Association (former)
Nancy Spitzer, El Dorado County Republican Central Committee Member
Lew Uhler, President, National Tax Limitation Committee PAC
Carla Virga, Secretary, Sutter-Yuba Constitutional Republicans; Co-Founder, Sutter Buttes Tea Party
Larry Virga, President, Sutter-Yuba Constitutional Republicans; Co-Founder, Sutter Buttes Tea Party
Jack Weir, President, Contra Costa Taxpayers Association
Paula Whitsell, Vice President, Chula Vista/Bonita Republican Women Federated; San Diego Republican Central Committee Executive Board Member
Ana Wilson, Second Vice President, Fresno Evening Republican Women Federated


California Impact Republicans

John is an entrepreneur, businessman and, unlike most politicians, knows how to meet a payroll.

Republicans across the state have rallied behind John Cox because they understand he is the only candidate that can take down the career politicians in Sacramento. The same career politicians that have made California the high-tax and regulation leader of the nation while they’re busy brokering back room deals that help pad the pockets of those that fund their re-elections.

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