Cox calls Democrat Single-Payer Plan a “Prescription for Disaster”

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2017

Statement on bill and financial impact to California

San Diego, CA – Republican candidate for Governor John Cox called the Democrat single-payer bill moving through the legislature “possibly the worst idea of the year.”  The bill, SB 562, is co-authored by Senate Appropriations Chair Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens).

“This is a replay of this weekend’s Democratic Convention,” said Cox. “You have a very liberal Democrat leadership competing with an even more liberal insurgency to see who can bankrupt the state the fastest.

“Twice the majority party has passed single-payer, and twice it met a Republican veto,” said Cox, who is both an attorney and a CPA. “It should be lost on no one that the weekend Democratic Party state convention circus was a battle of special interests.  On the one hand you had the candidate of the nurses’ union, and on the other the candidate of the pharmaceutical industry.  There was no one to speak up for California’s taxpaying families.

“The last time we saw this attempt to centralize healthcare power was in 2008 when the Legislative Analyst estimated it would take a 16% payroll tax to break even. The only state foolish enough to pass single payer was Vermont, and they had to repeal it three years later to keep it from bankrupting their state”.

Cox has been an outspoken critic of the corrupting influence of special interest money in California government, and called SB 562 “more of the same.  Even the authors are citing a $400 billion annual price tag, so we can assume it will be far, far more.  When this bill finally heads to the Governor’s desk, it will be like the $52 billion gas tax, with more pork than a Jimmy Dean sausage factory.”

John Cox is a husband, father, businessman and Republican candidate for California Governor in 2018. Born and raised on the south-side of Chicago by a single mother public school teacher, John is a CPA who built his small business from the ground up. He is a longtime government reform advocate and conservative, and is running to eliminate the corrupting influence of special interest money that has made California the high-tax and regulation leader of the nation. 



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