John Cox is a businessman, not a politician. He is the son of a Chicago public school teacher. John’s birth father abandoned the family when John was only three months old. Raising two boys as a single mom was challenging. The family struggled financially, moving to a small apartment in Prairie Shores on Chicago’s South Side. Several years after John’s father left, his mom got remarried to a postal worker. They moved to the suburbs and lived a reasonably comfortable lower-middle-class lifestyle. The Cox family shopped at discount stores, drove Volkswagens, and took one vacation a year.

John’s mom worked at Calumet High School, an almost exclusively African-American high school on Chicago’s South Side. He frequently went with her to school, particularly on his days off and in summer, which she often worked to earn extra pay. John Cox’s parents were union members and Democrats. He naturally grew up to be a Democrat as well. He had a political interest from an early age as a young boy, running around the house in a white shirt and tie reciting lines from the President Kennedy’s inaugural speech.

Cox graduated from H.L. Richards High School and then attended Moraine Valley Community College & University of Illinois Chicago Circle campus working his way through school, like many students today, he lived at home and commuted. Following college, Cox worked, attended, and then graduated from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law.

John worked as a CPA and then built his own business from scratch into a $200 million enterprise with almost 100 employees. He turned around a major food service manufacturing company, restored it to profitability and saved jobs. He is active in charitable organizations and serves as a Board member for the San Diego USO. John also founded an organization that repairs the homes of low-income seniors and individuals with disabilities. Since 1991, that organization has mobilized 20,000 volunteers and repaired over 1,000 homes.

John Cox is running for California Governor to take California back from the special interests that own the politicians in Sacramento. Those special interests and the politicians they bankroll have given us the highest income tax as well as the highest poverty rate in the nation. They have wrecked our once-proud school system, driven small business owners to relocate their business and jobs to other states, and utterly failed to build the water storage facilities we need to manage California’s abundant water supplies.

John has four daughters and lives with his wife Sarah in San Diego where they are active in and attend Nativity Catholic Church.


3525 Del Mar Heights Road, #1077
San Diego CA 92130

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