Help Is On The Way!

Repeal the Gas
Tax Now!


If Gavin Newsom cared about struggling California families, he wouldn’t support regressive taxes that hit the poor hardest.  Caltrans is one of the most corrupt bureaucracies on the planet, spending more than double the national average to build and maintain a mile of highway. Voters can fight back by passing Proposition 6 to repeal this onerous tax. California’s sky-high sales taxes, vehicle license fees, and the highest gasoline taxes in the nation are a major reason so many families just can’t make ends meet anymore.  These high fees are a major reason California now has the highest poverty rate in the nation.  The most urgent need right now is to repeal the new vehicle license and gas tax increases.

Gavin’s Plan: Turn
Healthcare Over to the DMV

If you think access to quality health care is tough now, imagine if the DMV was in charge. If Gavin Newsom gets his way, expect the same long lines at your doctor’s waiting room as at your local DMV office. And since the prices will be set by the politicians, the lobbyists will have a field day padding the bills. Long lines, lower quality, higher costs. John Cox will take on Pharma, the HMO’s and the insurance companies and put health care consumers back in charge.

Help is on the Way!


California has the highest poverty rate in the nation.  Our schools are failing and millions of forgotten Californians cannot afford decent housing.  Millions more must choose between buying a half tank of gas or groceries for their families, a choice no one should have to make.  All of this happened on Gavin Newsom’s watch.  Here’s my plan to fix California…

How I Plan To Fix California

We need your help to stop Gavin Newsom!

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John Cox: “I can fix the housing shortage”
It shouldn’t cost twice as much to build a house in California as in other states. I’ve spent decades building and renovating housing in other states at less than half the California cost. Red tape, taxes, sweetheart contract deals, fees and outdated environmental rules have created this problem. The answer is to streamline the approval process for building housing and remove the artificial barriers put in place by the lobbyists and politicians. Elect me Governor and we’ll start swinging hammers again at job sites across California.

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Millions of Californians are struggling. They are the forgotten ones falling through the cracks. Their choices are either working two or three jobs to afford basic housing, groceries, and energy, or moving their families out of California. For seven years as Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom did nothing to take on the privileged class of lobbyists, politicians and insiders who have rigged the system to their advantage. John Cox vows as Governor to take on the special interests and, in his words, “clean out the barn”.
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Immigration: Fixing a Broken System
Cox favors what he calls “smart immigration” that favors those with skills needed to fill specific worker shortages instead of competing with Americans for jobs. He also supports securing the border to stem the flow of illegal guns and human trafficking that’s plaguing our inner cities.

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Homelessness: Time to Get Serious
In Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco, the playgrounds are littered with drug needles and the sidewalks are covered with human feces. Instead of fixing the root problem, they’ve just hired $130,000 a year “poop police” to walk around the city with shovels. That’s not a policy, it’s an admission of defeat.

Unlike other states, the majority of those on California streets are there simply because they’ve been priced out of their homes. By rapidly increasing the supply of affordable housing, we can help those people help themselves, and then focus on treatment options for the mentally ill and substance addicts. Two different problems. Two different solutions. I’ll tackle them both.


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